Sheerlie is a very talented writer. What she added to our product descriptions made all the difference in the world! She has a tremendous amount of insight when it comes to skin care products. An excellent wordsmith- I would highly recommend using her services.

Ruth-Ann Thorn, Founder of Native American Beauty

Sheerlie is a talented and heartfelt writer. She has the ability to see the bigger picture and connect the reader to the purpose of her writing. She uses her intuitive linguistics to create flow, adding mellifluous words and structure, that leaves you craving to read more. You can feel her passion in every word she chooses. Sheerlie has personally helped me edit flyers, important letters, and my workshop curriculum for teen girls, along with editing posts for the Conscious Soul Tribe blog and Facebook page. Sheerlie is professional, dedicated, and has an eye for perfection. Her wisdom and down to earth presence is greatly valued in our community!

Jade Ben-Shoshan, Herbalist and Teen Empowerment Coach

Sheerlie and I worked together closely for a couple of years, during which she excelled as Creative Director at Vape Organics, while also writing captivating and eloquent content. She works fast, possesses an eye for detail, and is incredibly reliable. A pleasure to work with!

Daniela Vazquez, Owner at Welpi SEO Expert

Sheerlie is an excellent writer who can tackle new subjects and do the necessary research to create quality content. She excels at writing material that is interesting and compelling for the reader. She helped me edit and enrich the content for my website with amazing results, and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend her!

Inbal Fertasht, Founder and Chef at Plentiful Kitchen